Delay in text showing up as I type

I’ve been using the Scrivener Windows beta since it was released, but I’ve only had this problem the last few days. I’ll be typing along, and suddenly the words won’t show up for 10-20 seconds or more. If I wait they suddenly pop in, but it’s extremely aggravating and is about to push me away from Scrivener.

I turned off spellcheck the first week, and I’ve since turned off everything that might be interrupting my typing flow like checking capitals in sentences, etc. It doesn’t seem to matter how long the file I’m working in is; I broke all my chapters up into scenes and I’ve had this happen on the first line of a new scene. I’ve also tried restoring my preferences to the default settings; no luck.

My total project runs to about 3,300 words at the moment, but that shouldn’t matter. I hope.

I think I have the latest install (didn’t see an About under Help, so not positive) and I’m using Windows XP with all the updates.

Any suggestions?

What version of the beta are you using? The latest is 1.3 and should fix any typing lagging issues you are currently experiencing.

EDIT: If you have not got an About box you need to update to 1.3 as this was part of the 1.3 update.


I have the exact same problem, but for me it only started with the upgrade to 1.3 Beta, with the first Beta there was no delay. It is very frustrating as only twenty seconds or so later will my text appear and maybe there is a spelling mistake, it really breaks the flow of typing!

I am running Vista and have also turned off the spell check to no avail.

Any help appreciated!

I had a similar problem. I changed the “Save after period of inactivity” setting to 60 seconds and it helped. I’m not a very good typist, and with a delay of 2 seconds it was auto-saving a lot.

Upgrading to 1.3 did the trick for me. Thanks!