Delete a 1st-level folder from a project

I had added a “2nd draft” folder in my project at the same level as Draft and Research. I’ve now re-organized, renaming “Draft” as “Drafts,” with two subfolders inside it named 1st and 2nd draft. Instead of moving the original “2nd draft” folder inside “Drafts,” though (in fact, I think I couldn’t do this), I had to create a new subfolder and move all 2nd Draft docs into it. I now have an empty folder at the same level as the Drafts folder. It’s called “2nd draft,” but I want to delete it. For some reason, I can’t.


I’d add visuals here if I could figure out how to do it.

Most likely you got things turned around at some point and renamed the Draft folder to what you now are thinking is a regular folder. The Draft folder cannot be deleted or moved off of the first level, so that would fit the description of what you are describing.