Delete and Backspacing

It will not allow me to use my backspace or delete button. Though in any other place I can. :frowning: HELP!!!

Where are you working that this is a problem? Are you in the regular editor and able to type other characters, just not backspace or delete? Additional details for how and where you are working would be helpful, as this isnโ€™t a familiar issue.

In the middle of writing, all of the sudden, I can no longer use the backspace or delete buttons. I have no idea what happened. One minute all is good and the next Iโ€™m closing down and restarting my computer to see if I can fix this but to no avail. I can use them in Word, online, and here, but not within Scrivener. I have updated it to the current version (Version: - 20 Aug 2014), thinking that was my issue, but itโ€™s still not working properly. I can type just fine. I can use the cut feature from the dropdown Edit menu or by right clicking for it, but this is a pain!
Can someone help? Please, tell me how to fix this!


After restarting my computer two more times it has corrected itself. Why it happened to begin with is still unknown, but for now, it is fixed.

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