delete annotations?


I have made an accidental annotation! And I would like very much to undo it, but it’s too late to “undo.” So it is there staring at me. If I delete it, I delete all my text. If I try to copy without formatting or annotations, I paste in other document or elsewhere in that document, but what is pasted is just a blank space. I did this about 5 times, in different ways. Perhaps my only solution is to paste it an external editor, copy it again and repaste it. But I hope that Scrivener - which I love and now use nearly exclusively for my dissertaton - would have that extra hidden procedure that will save me from doing all that work.

Thanks for your time, and bravo on an amazing software product!


Select the annotation and hit Text > Annotation. Annotation is just a toggle (hence the tick in the Text menu), so this will change it back to normal text.

Worked like a charm! Except I also made it a link! (ok, so my annotation wasn’t so accidental)…how do I get rid of the link (i did cmd-L and it didn’t work like the reverse annotation)?

Thanks again, Rich