Delete Button in Toolbar Missing?

I just finished reading a tutorial and it showed a delete button. I have version and there is no delete button (red circle with a red line drawn through it diagonally).

I looked for it in the customization options for the toolbar and it isn’t there either. Where do I find this button.

Thank you.

You can reset the toolbars to the default in the Tools/Customize Toolbars… window, but while you are there, make sure you’ve selected the “Main Toolbar”, since the “Format Toolbar” is what comes up initially, and “Trash” isn’t available to it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the icon isn’t always activated, so sometimes it will be greyed out, but you should still see it on the default toolbar, right next to the “+” button. Try clicking the blue Binder area and selecting something.

Thank you.

That did it. I didn’t even realize there were two toolbars. I just learned several things.