Delete/Edit Saved Preferences as a Preset

I have just begun learning how to use Scrivener. I am trying to set up “default” settings for my preferences. I made a number of changes, went into Preferences, down to Manage, clicked on Save All Preferences as a Present, and gave it a name. I now want to delete the name I used but Scrivener will not let me do that. How do I delete (or edit) the name I gave when I chose Save All Preferences as a Present? Thanks.

Scrivener, like most Mac programs, stores all of these kinds of settings in the Applications Support folder. You can get there easily with the main Scrivener application menu, “Reveal Support Folder in Finder”. This will open a window in Finder. Look for a folder called “PreferencePresets” and double-click to open that. You should see your presets here as individual files. Rename them to change their name in the menu, or move them to the trash to get rid of them. You can copy these between computers as well, but just exporting your settings as a file from the Manage menu will usually be easier.

Thank you very much. Your instructions worked perfectly.