Delete hanging indents from Notes

Hi there,

I’m a fairly new user, which means I’m still having trouble phrasing my questions so that I can receive constructive answers. Please be patient.

I’m using the Multi-part novel format, using the Research - Characters template. I like the template, and would like to take fairly comprehensive notes with regard to some of these options, but every time I type anything longer than a sentence, I am auto-formatted into a hanging indent.

I find very few things in formatting more infuriating than a hanging indent. Let’s just say I had a bad experience with APA.

I do see where I can “decrease indent” for the hanging indent under “format”. But SERIOUSLY?? I have to select this option EIGHT TIMES PER PARAGRAPH? Oh come on! Isn’t there a simple way just to turn this function off completely?

Open the template sheet. Choose the command Format -> Show Ruler.

(Wouldn’t be a bad idea to use Documents -> Duplicate to make a copy before you start changing things.)

On the left side of the ruler, you’ll see several different markers:

  • The horizontal bar is the first line indent. For a hanging indent, it is to the left of the
  • down pointing arrow that indicates the left margin.

In this particular template, there is also a

  • Left-facing triangle, which is the tab stop for the section headings.

Go down to the bottom of the template document and move these around until you get the layout you want. Type enough text to make sure it works properly.

Use the Format -> Text -> Copy Ruler command to copy the ruler you’ve just created.

Select the entire document with Edit -> Select All, then paste the ruler with Format -> Text -> Paste Ruler.

Delete your test text. Create a new document from the revised template to verify that everything works properly.

You can also use the Copy/Paste Ruler method to apply the revised ruler to existing documents.


Many, Many MANY thanks! I appreciate both the details and the swift response more than I can say.