Delete in Compile


I’ve tried to do this for a while, so I’m pretty sure the capability isn’t currently there. When I write, I’ll often include certain phrases or character combinations I don’t want in the compiled. Most of the time these will actually be touching normal words. For example I am a member of a writing site where to do italics you need to put {i}word{/i}. In compile I want to get rid of {i} and {/i}. I’ve tried the replace tool, but this doesn’t work if you leave the replace with field blank.

I would really like a feature to allow me to delete these things from compile.


Just spitballing here - as a workaround, what if you replaced them with a space, and then had a final replacement to change double spaces into a single space?

This is actually a bug. I have moved it to the appropriate section accordingly. One should be able to replace any string with nothing, if they so please. The compile settings are not only ignoring rows that declare this, but dropping these rows from the settings once you dismiss the compile dialogue.

The double-space trick should work fine. It does in my testing.

I hadn’t thought of the double space trick. I’ll use that until this is fixed.