Delete key in the binder

In the binder, you need to right click and select a menu item in order to send an item to the trash. Would it be possible to implement usage of the delete key in the binder, so it would be possible to select an item and simply hit ‘Del’ to move it to the trash?

If you’re on Mac it’s Cmd-Delete, so presumably on Windows it’s Ctrl-Delete. That makes it less potentially destructive.



It may depend on the keyboard shortcut theme you’re using (there are three, I think: Windows V1, Windows V3, or Mac V3).

For Windows V3 and Scrivener for Mac, Mark’s right, the shortcut is Ctl+delete, but if you’re using the Windows V1 scheme, I think it’s Shift-delete.

You can tell which scheme you’re using (and change both it and the shortcut keys themselves) in File > Options > Keyboard. Your current scheme is shown at the top, and you can change it using the Import menu.

Does that help?

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Thanks for the replies! Really useful.

I had not thought of ctrl+delelete.

I wish to apologize for the late reaction.