Delete keyword button instead of drop down menu command? etc


While there isn’t a button to do this – you can just press the delete key on the selected keyword(s) to delete them. This also works in the HUD.



Well, AmberV seems to have cleard this one up nicely. Yes, the reason I didn’t clutter things with a delete button was that I figured you would usually just hit the delete key. I tend to use buttons to add things, but to delete I always use the single key-stroke of the keyboard.

As for the inspector… Well, I have already explained why this cannot and will not be changed drastically. There is just no sensible solution that would allow you to choose which meta-data you can view in a completely free manner. On the other hand, if it is just that you want to be able to see your synopsis and notes at the same time… Well, I humbly ask that you wait for beta 3. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that would be a welcome addition.

I’ve noticed a marked difference in the way you are working from last year. If I may say so, you did seem to become a little disillusioned with things near the end of SG. Then you took some time off, and came back with a fresh, clear vision of what you wanted to build, and came up with this masterpiece (this will be the last time I heap embarrassing wads of praise on Scrivener; it’s brilliant; I’m sure you get it).

The important thing is that you have maintained that vision, even when it means saying ‘no’ to features that would be nice to have, but would put a dent in the simplicity of the product. Rampant featuritis has killed as many products as those missing important functionality.

I have no doubt that this will become the defacto creative writing tool for the Mac within two years. And unfortunately will probably pollute the English language with yet another meaningless verb, like ‘podcasting’.

“Quentin. Hi. It’s Benji here. Listen, Judy and me are out at Bar 38 tonight. Wondered if you and … er …”
“Yes of course, Stephie. Well, would you care to join us?”
“Ah love to mate. But the publisher’s beating me to death for this final chapter, so I’m going to be stuck indoors Scrivening for the night. Sorry old son …”

Can hardly wait … :frowning:

Lol, yes, in my most “delusions of grandeur” (to quote Han Solo) style dreams, I imagine a future where a “scrivening” is also defined a smaller chunk of text that makes up part of the whole. :slight_smile:

But I think you are right; I said “yes” to everything with SG, because I really wanted to please the users and was scared of losing them. And after a while, I realised that it was turning into something I didn’t really want it to be. So these days I am trying to take everything into consideration but say “no” where it makes sense, or “in a different way” at least. Actually, when I released beta 1, I thought I would be able to say “no” to pretty much everthing. But it turned out that too many users had good ideas. :slight_smile: I really think that beta 3 will start things moving to 1.0, though…

Oh, and thanks for your kind words about Scrivener!

All the best,

I just have to say that, while I didn’t know you before you started developing your ‘new vision’ with Scr., I do respect very much the way you say ‘no.’ (even though ‘no’ sometimes means ‘yes,’ and btw, I already implemented the thing I said no to! :slight_smile:) Sticking to your own vision, and only letting in suggestions that add to that vision, seems to me to be the only way to really accomplish something excellent. And you have certainly done that with Scr.