Delete more than one note style

Trying to retain some of my note styles from month’s of scappling and many previous boards I ended up creating a styles “master board” with multiple copies of some of my styles (learnt to tick the overwrite existing styles button since). Is there any easy way to manage styles, i.e. delete all my duplicates other than via Format>Note Style>Delete Note? I’ve tried making a keyboard shortcut (without success) and would love to have a way of deleting more than one style at a time. Thanks for any thoughts.

Sorry to say, there isn’t a way to delete multiple styles at once.

Thanks for getting back. This is a “would be nice” rather than a “can’t live without” – I’m sure there are other features more urgent waiting to be implemented.

If you’re comfortable editing an XML file, you may be able to speed up editing by opening the .scap file in a coding text editor and removing the styles by hand. It’s all fairly straight-forward and easy to parse, if like I say, you’re comfortable editing XML to begin with (any web developer would probably be fine). I would of course recommend trying this on a copy of the original.

(Only just found this, as I did’t have the appropriate box ticked).
Excellent suggestion and straightforward to do – just succeeded in deleting all of my unwanted styles at one fell swoop. Thanks!