Delete old scriv?

Hello- I’m wondering if it is okay to delete the old scrivener now I’ve updated it to the 3?
Or is this not a good idea!?

That’s entirely up to you. If you think there’s any reason you might need to go back to Scrivener 1, you could keep it. But if you’re short on hard drive space or just want to streamline your system, uninstalling Scrivener 1 could help.

If you choose to uninstall Scrivener 1, I recommend using either its uninstaller tool or the uninstaller tools built into your Windows system. That should help make it a clean removal.

All too often, neither of them does a clean uninstall.

Thanks, both, this is helpful. I wasn’t sure if the 3 was somehow built onto the original

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How would that be possible? Scrivener 1 is an app and Scrivener 3 is an app. Apps don’t live inside other apps, to my knowledge.

Since they are separate apps, you’re free to keep both or trash one, but the system’s default app for opening .scrivx can’t be both of them, only one. That can make it slightly difficult to use both apps on an ongoing basis.

I second that approach, Susan. I always prefer to see a user asking for advice before making changes. That reduces the changes of causing unnecessary complications later.

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