Delete Project or Rename Project

How do I delete a completed Project?

How do I rename a project, as when the manuscript is retitled?

Thanks so much.


Via the Finder. Close the project first in Scrivener, then just open Finder and rename or delete the .scriv file just as you would any other file on the computer. :slight_smile:

Hi Mimic –

Thank you very much.

I am having a little trouble finding where the Scrivener files actually ‘live’ in Finder.


They’re wherever you put them when you first create the project–I think the default is your user Documents folder. Try using spotlight to search for .scriv–you should be able to find your projects that way, if they’re on your main hard drive.

Hi MimeticMouton –

Yup. There they are, in Documents.

I had expected to see a “Scrivener” folder someplace, I guess. With working files and backups and folders. . . .

I will get my head around all this in a while.


The project files themselves can be flexibly stored anywhere, the program makes no attempt to assume to know what you want on that score. I have them scattered all over the place according to their context. But there is one central area where you can find supporting material like backups, and that’s in the Library/Application Support/Scrivener folder. If you ever need to restore from an automatic backup, that’s where you’ll go.

Hi AmberV

(I’m in Snow Leopard.) When I go Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support
I don’t get a folder named Scrivner.


They’re in the user library, so [username]/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups. You can change the location of the automatic backups in Scrivener>Preferences:Backup. I have mine back up to a “ScrivBackups” folder I created in Dropbox, for instance.

As for a “central location,” you can always make one yourself if that’s how you work best. Make “Scrivener Projects” folder in Documents or wherever, then gather all your .scriv files (while they’re closed) and move them there. After you choose this folder for making a new project, that will be the default location for next time.

Hi MimeticMouton –

Yes!! There are the backups. Thank you.

Thanks also for the how-to on creating a central file. I will do that.

Thank you, everyone who came to my rescue here. I am so grateful.