Delete project

I can’t find any instructions on how to delete a project - must be there but being a bear of very little brain, I can’t find it. I fear that if I just go into my Windows directory and delete it, it might mess up some Scrivener functions, so I want to do this by the book. ???

Just close the project if it’s open, and go to the windows file explorer to delete the .scriv folder & it’s contents. The folder is probably what’s confusing here; otherwise, it’s no different than deleting a Word document (i.e. there’s no way within the Word program to delete one of its documents).

OK. I was worried that maybe Scrivener keeps track of things whether open or closed and might get upset if I didn’t do it in a sanctioned way. Thanks!

It keeps a list of recently opened projects that are still where it last saw them, but Scrivener doesn’t have any problems with projects moving (to the trash, in this case); it just doesn’t know anything about them after they’re moved or deleted.

Good to know.