Delete project?

In the course of writing/editing/rewriting, I have changed the title of my project many times & created a number of different versions. I’m getting confused now about which is my current “working” version.

I feel like an idiot for asking this, but help/searching hasn’t turned up the answer. How do I delete an entire project? I want to end up with only one version, the latest one. Is deleting an entire project as simple as clicking the delete button on the top bar?

Also, where/how do I find the date/time a project was last worked on?

Thanks for your help & patience.

Scrivener projects are just files on your computer. They save by default into Documents, so if you go there in Finder you should see them all. Figure out which one you want to delete, and move it to the trash.

You might consider making a screen grab of the file window and posting that.
Grab is a utility in the Utilities folder.
Otherwise, it’s hard to know how to advise you.
The problem may be terminology. And location, Finder or Binder.
Project = one Scrivener file in the Finder, always date/time stamped.
Versions = different folders in that file’s Binder? Or projects saved under variant names in Finder?
Delete button = moves the selected Binder item to Trash in Project. Must be deleted again from there.

If you understand all this, you may see creation & modification dates and times in the Inspector.
Open that, select the highest level of your draft folder, and click on the Outline button.
You should see a layout of the title, synopsis, type, note, and status columns.
Open a second window to display the contents of your Binder items.
Then identify the different items as first, revised, late, or whatever labels seem appropriate.
That will clarify the identity of all bits and pieces and let you know what to trash.
Or just park in the Research folder as Early Draft, Revised Draft, etc.
Hope this helps.