deleted file is still visible in a collection

  • select some files and put them in a collection
  • show the collection in the binder
  • select a group of binder files, so they show up as cards in the edit pane
  • delete a card in the edit pane (shift+delete)
  • the deleted file is still visible in the collection
  • right click on the deleted file in the collection and ‘Empty Trash’
    Scrivener crashes

Until the file is removed from the project, i.e. the trash is emptied, it should remain in the collection. What’s missing currently is the differentiation in the icon to indicate it is a trashed document.

Following your steps, I am seeing a bug whereby the whole collection temporarily disappears after emptying the trash when one of the items in it was trashed, but switching to the regular binder and back causes them to reappear. I have that down on the bug list. I haven’t experienced a crash at all with this, however, and I’ve repeated the process a number of times. Are you consistently getting a crash on Empty Trash?

Are you using 1.7.2? There was a crash in an earlier version that occurred when the the item being trashed was loaded in the editor, but that was fixed by I think 1.7.1. In fact it might have only been a bug during the 1.7 beta cycle, but I’d have to check.

Likely fixing the bug causing the collections to empty will also fix the crash you’re seeing, but if you’re getting it consistently, could you perhaps create a short screencast showing the whole process? That might help catch part that I’m missing when trying to recreate the problem. Thanks!

Ok. Here’s the screencast: … vCrash.avi

The crash occurs on this occasion when I close the collection, but it can also happen when I do the delete.

I’m using 1.7.3.