Deleted from Scrivener, still in Dropbox

Hello everyone,
I’m using Scrivener syncronized with PlainText via Dropbox. This thing is fantastic!

However, I noticed something that might be a bug. First, the good part: if I create a new document in PlainText, it is recognized by Scrivener, added to a project, and correctly exported to Dropbox with a coherent name. If I delete the document from Dropbox, Scrivener regenerates it. Nothing is lost!

Then, the suspect part. If I delete a document from Scrivener, and then empty the Trash, the document still sits in Dropbox. Shouldn’t it be deleted? No particular problem to manually remove it from Dropbox, but I was wondering if this was intended or not…

Are you using “File->Sync->with External Folder…”? If so, deleting a file within the Binder, emptying the Binder trash, and then syncing with your external folder (in this case somewhere in Dropbox) should move the deleted file from the Draft (or Notes) folder into a “Trashed Files” folder inside your main external folder.

This is normal behaviour and is in keeping with how generally difficult it is to really delete something in Scrivener. It’s safe at this point to delete the er, “deleted” file from your external folder.

If you’re not using File->Sync->with External Folder…, or what I described doesn’t look like what you’re seeing, please provide more details.

Hope this helps!