Deleted Text (but in a strange way)

I’ve been using scrivener for many months now, and today I experienced the most dreaded moment that we all fear when writing - disappearing text.

I have no idea how this happened. I’m using version 2.3.1, have had no problems before, and spent hours today working on a project that I really wanted to finish.

Here’s what happened: after many hours of writing, I went to look at my footnotes to make sure I had them all correct. Afterwards, I went to compile for a PDF. I played around in the compile menu for a few minutes (I don’t normally look at everything, but today I felt like it), and then hit compile. I hadn’t really changed any of the normal options I use.

I get back to the document, and it seems to have rolled back to the version I started with earlier today, except for the last two sentences I had written on my introduction paragraph. I combed through and noticed many small things had gone back to their pre-edit version, and an entire section from my conclusion was missing. Not to mention the title at the top of the document (not the file, but the document) had mysteriously changed back to what I had before I started hours ago.

This makes no sense. It seems to have kept some edits, but deleted others. I am, as you might imagine, freaking out right now. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I find my previous version?? I have not used any backups or snapshots, so I have no idea how Scrivener would be able to selectively roll back to an earlier version of the document…

Oh no, it sounds like you might have been bitten by an unusual and rather nasty bug that is known about, and has been fixed in the latest public betas. Were you perhaps working on this document for a lengthy period of time (leaving the project open for two or more days at a time) and writing in Scrivenings mode a lot? If so this could be the bug. There was a problem that could hit some people with some of the background cleaning code, but requires two specific ingredients to trigger. If that does match the working scenario, then I’m afraid the news isn’t good if you’ve made no backups in the interim. The work never got saved to the disk, it was just in RAM. When you compiled, the software went back to the disk to generate the document, and everything refreshed to the disk—reverting your work.

Hopefully this isn’t what happened, but I’m afraid it does sound like it. I would definitely recommend downloading the public beta if your working patterns match the above description. This bug has been fixed in it, and in addition to that, there is now a much more thorough safety net in place that will check for these kinds of silent errors and alert you immediately. In the future if another bug like this crops up, the software will most likely notice it and you’ll get a warning box encouraging you to restart the software post haste.

Darn, that sounds like exactly what happened. I’d kept the document open in the background over the last few days while I was working on it, and yes, I was working in Scrivenings mode. Crap.

Thanks for the info about the public beta. I will definitely download it.

Terribly sorry about that. :frowning:

Is this bug also in version 2.3?

If I’m not mistaken, version 2.3 is the version being discussed. The beta linked to is supposed to fix it, but if you don’t want to use a beta, just be sure to close scrivener whenever you get up from the computer until version 2.4 comes out.