Deleted text--Probably Back-up bug

Ok, my issue is similar to some of the other errors noted, but apparently not the same. So I’m starting a new topic on this, just to make sure I’m not intruding on a different issue.
The last time I used Scrivner was on November 5, because this issue has made it impossible to write my novel.

I’m working on my NaNoWriMo, starting late. I get to about 6100 words in one day (Sunday). At the end of the night, I compile the document so that I can copy and paste the entire text into the word counter at I then find out that we can update the word count with just the number, so I didn’t need to do that. I leave the compiled document anyways, as a nice back up. Thank luck I did.
I return to my novel real early Monday morning, and type up a tiny storm, more like a breeze, in a separate scene from the previous night. I go and check my Project Target, and my session target says that I typed -2850 words, and the session bar isn’t even a hint filled up. My total word count reads around 3000, give or take a few hundred. Then I see the minus sign. My session count was a negative number, yet I did not delete anything.
I somehow think to look in my binder at previous scenes. You know how there are different icons for a blank scene and a texted scene? Five of my scenes which I had completely written Sunday night were blank. I clicked on them and they popped up with no text what so ever. I am horrified.
I manage to open my compiled document, and I repaste all my scenes back in. And I add what I had just written to a copy of my rtf back up compilation. I close Scrivener and return to it after school. The scene I had written that morning was blank as well.
Eventually, my title page also disappeared. That one I didn’t have saved, but I can always get a new one.

I haven’t stored any new text in Scrivener since then. I opened it today to check if anything else was gone. No text disappeared, but my title page didn’t reappear, either. I don’t know if I just sptted it, or if it’s a new development, but I just found out that the scene synopsises that I was all I did that first Saturday, they’re all gone as welll. All the index cards laying out what each scene is about only has a status stamp now.

Temporal Ranger told me, when I posted this bug on the other topic that was supposed to be about the ctz z dissappearing text bug, told me to try to search for the missing text. So I tried typing words from the original and modified title page. It does not appear in the search portion of the binder area.
No scene text has disappeared since the title page. But this is a very annoying bug that does not let me trustu Scrivener enough to use it for my NaNo this year. I cannot afford the time or effort of having my words deleted.

I do not know how to reproduce this bug. It kind of just happened. I didn’t split anything. I didn’t notice when the text had been deleted. I don’t have a desktop cleaner or anything that could be interfereing with the project, plus it’s a new set of files, created on the fourth. I believe that the scenes disappeared while the project was closed or while it was opening/closing. Because I only noticed things when I repopend the project.
The only special thing I can think of is that I downloaded another trial last year on the same machine and had aobut 10 or 20 days left. I updated Scrivener by downloading the trial again and getting a new set of 30 days. It is not a beta version. But it is a trial version.

By the way, I’m currently experiencing a bug on this site. As I’m typing, at every keystroke, the scrollbar jumps, making it vaery difficult to see what I"m typing. So please pardon any spelling or typographicla errors.


Upon looking at other bug hunt issues similar to mine, here are a few things of note:

  1. I don’t know if this bug is irreproducable, or if I just don’t know how to reproduce any bugs. Scrivener is the first program I’ve ever Beta’d (I only beta’d back in 2010 and early 2011, and not very well) and the first indie program I’ve ever used that wasn’t a tiny flash game. So I’m very new and green at bug hunting.

  2. There are multiple topics posted that describe my issiue, but has an entirely different reproduction description. This makes it difficult to sort out what happened.

  3. A step towards reproduction:
    :arrow_right: A) I did not create a duplicate of anything. If I search for text within a scene that has gone blank, it does not appear. The searching thing does not work.
    :arrow_right: B) It only disappeared when I reopened my project, but not every time I reopened my document. I just realized that every time text disappeared, the previous time I closed the project, Scrivener had created a back up.
    :arrow_right: C) Since the session target bar said I had typed negative words, the text must have been deleted as or after I opened the project for that session.
    :arrow_right: D) The person with the save-as disappearing text topic, probably had the same issue as me, but thought it had to do with saving the project as a different project, because that’s what he had just done before Scrivener made a back-up of his project.
    :arrow_right: E) I think that’s really what it is. A problem with the back-ups.

Sorry for the late reply on this, and for the problem you’re experiencing! We’re looking into this, and I appreciate all the details you were able to provide about what happened. We haven’t been able to reproduce this at all, so although Lee is going over all the code, it’s something of a needle in a haystack. Could you let us know what version of Windows you’re running, including whether it’s 32- or 64-bit, and if you’re running in any kind of visualization software (VirtualBox, Parallels, Fusion, etc.) or Windows emulator? Do you run any kind of backup service for your computer, e.g. Carbonite?

What settings do you have for automatic backups (in the Backup tab of Options)? A screenshot of that window would be great if it’s easier than listing them all.

Have you opened any of the backups to verify whether they contain the missing text or not? If you just browse the backup project folder, does it contain a Docs folder inside a Files folder, and does the Docs folder contain a good number of text files? (This would be your documents, presumably missing from the current version of your project.)

Also, does this happen to you for every project or just one particular one? For instance, if you create a new test project, say from the Novel template (so it already has a few files in there) and create a few new documents with some gibberish text, then close and let the backup run and reopen, is the text missing?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but any additional answers you can give would help us get to the bottom of this quickly. Thank you!

OK. This is a little weird.

One, the project file does have all the work I put in Scrivener, but only because I copied it back in from the compiled document.

I was really confused at first by the seemingly random large numbers. But then I realized that I put in the structure outline first and started typing later. If you’ll notice there are no low-number documents. All five of those are later scenes. My title page is not there. The index and binder back-up files I do not know how to open.

My computer is an Acer Aspire one series and the system is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 2002, Service Pack 3. I used to have Carbonite, now I don’t and I don’t know why. I still have McAfee. As far as I know, I don’t have my laptop backed up to anything besides my laptop. I do not know of any other back-up programs.

My back up options seem contradictory to what’s going on.

It hasn’t automatically backed up since before I lost my title page. Or at least, it hasn’t appeared to.

Here’s a screen shot of the folder with all the back ups. Yes, I modified the image a little in paint to show the date they were last modified.

All the back ups are out of order for some reason.
So the test project backed up when I opened and closed it today. But the modified documents didn’t disappear, and all four readable rtf documents are in all three folders. And the seven documents in my NaNoWriMo are common to all those backups and the folder they’re stored in. I cannot, however, open the binder documents without Scrivener.

I cannot reproduce the error either. I’m not that great with computers. But I know it happened more than once. It only happened when I saw the back-up loading window. I haven’t seen it since then, but obviously, back-ups have been made. Even the November fourth back up doesn’t have the title page. And that disappeared after I started using Scrivener on a later date.

I’t getting difficulut to type in this reply box again, because the scroll bar keeps jumping up and down as I type. So I’m going to end the reply here, and because I don’t know what else to type.

I suppose I will continue using Scrivener, but I will save every scene manually in Word rtf when I’m done with each scene, just in case.

Thank you for trying to help me, even if it is a wild goose chase.