Deleted text when prefs adjusted

I was just playing with the single/double newline preferences, and both open projects now have random newlines added in the middle of scenes and words, DELETING text (looks like 2 chars per added return). It also looks like these deletes/added returns are generally on the first/last line of each scene.

One of these two projects is my novel WiP that’s over 50k words atm, and I’ve not yet backed up the many significant edits I’ve done today.

I didn’t see any errors in Console, but I’m exhausted so that’s likely contributing to my coherence, right now.

EDIT: I should’ve put this in Bug Hunt, sry.
Also, I’m using the Script Frenzy version of Scrivener. System 10.5 on a G4 PowerPC (iBook).

EDIT 2: Preferences are also resetting themselves… For example, the font and font size. Also the splash screen keeps turning itself on. I’m loading 1.54 to replace the Frenzy version.


Sorry, I’m a little confused about what is happening. Could you post some step-by-step instructions as to how to reproduce. Are you in Edit Scrivenings mode at the time (is this the single/newline setting you mean), etc?


I just reproduced it, so here goes:

  1. (In a backup of a project), select the main folder and click “Edit Scrivenings.”

  2. Open preferences and change all the General… Separators from double newline to single newline, Apply, then change back.

  3. Gape at the weird deletions and added returns all throughout your text.

EDIT: I’ve also upgraded to version 1.54, and this happened.
Picture 1.jpg
Picture 2.jpg

Thanks Carradee. I haven’t quite reproduced it yet, but what I’ve tried doesn’t look quite right, either. I’ll look into it.