deletes text while I work

I was working away when I tried to inset a quotation, moving from double spaced text to a single spaced block of text for only a couple of paragraphs before returning to my basic double spaced format.

When I try to align my text in the proper blocks, it over indents the paragraphs.

In trying to fix this, I noticed some of my sentences had gone missing. Trying to retype those lines, I found that if I hit delete or backspace to remove 1 character, it would delete from the curser back to the top of the paragraph I was in.

How do I reset my formatting so I don’t lose any more text? Once reset, is there something I need to know about offsetting a block of text so this doesn’t happen again?

Thanks in advance for feedback! Alida

What this actually sounds like is that perhaps your Command key has become stuck. When you press Cmd-delete, it will do roughly what you describe—delete all the way back to the beginning of the line. It should only delete back to the “soft line” not the very start of the paragraph, but if your paragraph had yet to word-wrap that would effectively be the same thing. Try pressing the Cmd key on and off a few times on both sides of the keyboard and see if that clears it up.

There is no formatting setting that will cause the editor to act this way.