Deleting a Scapple page

How can I delete a blank page in a Scapple file that was created by Scapple after I began working on a Scapple file.


There are no pages in Scapple. If you are referring to when you print, this is something that is determined by calculating the overall size of the board and figuring out how many sheets of paper it would take to reproduce it at the requested scale (thus by implication changing the size and shape of your clusters impacts the page count). As noted before there is a bug in that routine that is miscalculating the size and adding extra pages where it shouldn’t.


As an update to what I previously wrote, I created a new Scapple board with the page guides visible and noticed that some of the shapes on my first “page” overlapped on the one to its right. I selected those that I wanted on the “page” to the right, copied them, and pasted them there. Then, in Print Preview, I noticed that I now had six “pages.” I opened the Scapple document as a PDF in Preview, deleted the unwanted pages, and tried to save it. The small spinning circle would not go away, so I had to Force Quit to exit from Preview. Similarly, I tried to export the document as a PDF but again the small spinning circle would not stop, so I had to go into Preview and “Force Quit.”


I’m not really sure what is happening there, it’s nothing Scapple has any control over at any rate. I just double-checked the procedure and managed to save a modified PDF without any hassle. I would just try typical troubleshooting steps such as rebooting and resetting preferences for Preview.