Deleting a word and the following space

I’ve noticed that using the latest beta version of Scrivener when you delete a word in a sentence it does not delete the space after.

To explain. Double-click on a word in a sentence to select it then hit delete. What happens is that double-clicking on the word just selects the word. When you hit delete the word is deleted but it doesn’t delete the following space so now you have two spaces in between the previous word and the following word.

WORD deletes the extra space when you do the same thing. I’d suggest that after you delete the selected word then check the number of spaces between the two words which are left and delete an extra space if found.

It’s a minor nit but I believe should be considered.

Thank you for sharing I’m also facing the same problem. keep it up :slight_smile:

You’ve posted this in Bug Hunt, but for the developers to see it, it needs to be in the Beta forum.