Deleting all snapshots

I found two posts about this, but both were coming from the Mac side, and only one was at all recent. I assume it’s the same thing in Windows, but would like to confirm:

Is it safe to just clean out the project Snapshots folder as a way deleting all snapshots at once?

Thank you!

This is fine to do, in fact you can just remove the whole Snapshots folder; it will be created again if necessary. The format is pretty much identical, there are only a few files used differently where it makes sense to, like UI settings. In the case of snapshots, everything that defines them is self-contained within that Snapshots folder, and they aren’t indexed for search, so there are no negative repercussions to moving them out or deleting them.

Thank you. What gave me pause was that the binder icon changes when a doc has snapshots, and I didn’t know if it was getting that from an index or settings file, or if it was just reading the snapshots folder.