Deleting and Renaming Projects

I have a novel I am working on named “Hopeless Love” on a Windows 7 desktop.

Today, I noticed within the latest version of Scrivener - I have two projects. One is called Hopeless Love, the other - test.

Could someone in simple, non-technical terms please explain how I could delete the project named “Hopeless Love”, and rename the one named “test” to “Hopeless Love”?

I saw when I searched the forum, some instructions which stated to go to Projects->Meta Data Setting and change the name in the <$projecttitle> field. But the only thing I saw there was two tabs - Labels & Status. I could not find a <$projecttitle> field.

There actually isn’t anything fancy you have to do to change the name of a project. That is probably why you didn’t find much on it. Project names are merely the folder name. So change “Test.scriv” to “Hopeless Love.scriv”, while Scrivener is closed (just to make sure to leave the “.scriv” part on the end). Note that changing the names of projects can cause their link to get lost in the Recent Projects menu. So you will need to load it at least once manually, by double-clicking on the ‘project’ file within that folder.