Deleting Comments Doesn't Sync

I’m not sure this is a bug so much as a necessity, but I figured I’d mention it. If you have a document set to sync and all you do is delete comments without clicking anywhere else, the changes won’t upload when you sync to the external folder. I realize this is part of the need to commit comments, so I don’t know that there’s any way around it, and chances are that everyone will click somewhere else in the window intentionally or accidentally before syncing, so I doubt it’s really that big an issue. It’s just perhaps a little less intuitive than the commit need on adding a comment (which is still the case–you can not touch the body of a document except to add an inspector comment, then run the sync without clicking away from the comment or hitting “escape” and the comment will appear in the synced file but will be empty), since you go through and click the X’s and then…you’re done. But like I said, it’s probably only rarely going to happen to anyone.

I only mention it because it happened the other night when my collaborator sent me a blank comment. :wink: