Deleting following space

This is really minor, but as the goal is to have the very best program… (I did try to find this listed first)

In Word, when I double click on a word and delete it, the following space is also deleted. In Scrivener, I have to hit delete twice or the following space will be left. This creates a double space between the two remaining words. Like I said, not the end of the world, but it would seem to be an easy fix.

There also seems to be a large number of words missing from the dictionary: ‘collected’ would be my most recent discovery. Not sure how this can be corrected other than adding words to my personal list.

As always, great job, great program, happy to give my two cents worth. (a writer expressing an opinion? Shocking! LOL)


Hi Ed,

Thanks for the report. I’ve ensured a smart copy/paste feature such as this is on the list, so we’ll see what Lee can do. As for the “incorrect” words, it’s true the Aspell dictionaries leave something to be desired. I don’t catch this error with “collected” in any of the packaged English dictionaries, though–which are you using?

I think I’m using the American English (if there is such a thing) but I’ve been unable to find the setting. I know I saw it at one point. Let me know how to find it and I can tell you.


Edit>options>auto-correction tab.
Third item down is Dictionary.
Mine says English (United States)

I’ve found a few unaccepted correct spellings as well, ‘towards’ is the one that comes to mind off hand, it always wants ‘toward’ but both are acceptable.

Yeah, I’m compiling a nice list of words the dictionary doesn’t recognize, but as I said, I didn’t get any problems with “collected”, hence the question on which dictionary. US, British, and Canadian English (the three installed dictionaries) all were happy with it on my system.