Deleting generated names created using Name Generator

Mac OSX v10.12.1. Scrivener v2.8 (26295). Studying Scrivener for deeper use.

I have generated a list of 25 names. I would very much like to clear these names from inside the “Name Generator” to generate other names.

I can’t seem to do this. When I create a new project and bring up the Name Generator window, I get the same list of generated names.

Could you tell me how I can do this?

Do I need to go into a particular folder on my Mac and delete a particular file?

Thank you for your help.

(Paul Thomas)

I think you just change the options (click on the gear button) and generate the list again with the new parameters. Or if you keep pressing the generate button without changing the options, it will generate a new list randomly chosen from the available matches (as long as the options aren’t so tightly defined that you can see all the matches in one window, of course).