Deleting Keywords also removes them

When I delete a keyword from the “Project Keywords Repository Dialog”, all its instances are removed from the documents. Not that I mind this behavior, it seems to make sense, probably intended.

My bug report refers to the FAQ on the website, which appears outdated:
"The Keyword HUD (Window menu, Show Keywords HUD – or Cmd-Opt-Shift-H) acts as a central repository for all of the keywords … Deleting a keyword from the HUD will simply remove it from the central repository, it will not delete all instances of the keyword from your project.

Yeah, the FAQ is mostly out of date, referring to the Mac version 1.54 (as mentioned on the main page), and even the parts that are updated mostly are for the Mac version and not Windows. We’re working on getting things updated and moved over to a new knowledge base, so some more helpful and relevant articles will be coming.