Deleting original files

I have several very large image files that I’m using in my Scrivener project. I looked in the .scriv file, and I can see that these have been renamed as (number).jpg, for instance. (Number) might be 53, for example.

Can I delete the original file without losing the .scriv file? I’ve downloaded from the internet, then added the file to the project. I don’t need two copies. I guess I’m asking if files are linked or imported when added to the .scriv file.



If you have copied an image to a location on your PC—such as the desktop—and then dragged / inserted it into a Scrivener project, you will have created a copy of the image in the project, and it will be safe for you to delete the file stored elsewhere on your PC. If in doubt, test the procedure with an image that can you easily restore.

If you are going to use a number of images / large images in your project, or if you are going to need production-ready images, you might find that it is better to use Linked Inline Images—see section 15.5.2 of the user manual. Such images are only stored outside of the Scrivener project.

Thank you for the prompt reply, Briar Kit. I am not using the files in the final product. They are research and reference for the book.

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