Deleting paraghraph breaks

I have a problem how to delete paraghraph breaks. I am importing chunks of texts into Scrivener by using clipboard. Eventhough I use to paste clean paste function shift+ctrl+cmd+v I still have paragraph breaks in my text. I hope you call it paragrah breaks - you create them vhen you press Enter and they are not normally visible. I know I can delete the paragraps breaks manually but I am having a lot of this stuff and I need to automate it.
Thanks a lot

To search for paragraph breaks, use Opt-Return to enter them into the find box (it won’t be visible, but it will be there). So if for instance you wanted to delete all of them (something I don’t think most people would ever want to do), you could insert one in the find field, leave the replace field blank, and then click “Replace All”. Fortunately this can be undone if you only do it to one document, so experiment. What most people want is to remove double-breaks (for instance coming in from a .txt file or something). So a more common action is to insert two carriage returns into the find box and replace them with one.

I will try it
thanks a lot

when I use opt-return the text disappears. It is supposedly in your find box. What do you mean by find box ? How do you enter find box ?
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The Find box is just the standard field in which you enter search terms.

It can only show one line so when you enter opt-return, you’ve actually added a new paragraph to the search term and it’s showing you the first line of the new paragraph. But the rest of your search text is still there: if you use the up arrow you will still see it.


OK opt-returm represents

OK opt-return represents ¶
what is combination of keys for ↵ ?
I think it a “hidden” sign for end o line and this is my troublemaker :slight_smile:
I want toget rid of these ↵ sign so I can complete paragraphs :smiley:
your help is much appreciated :slight_smile:
thanks !

Ah, these are line breaks not paragraph breaks. They break a paragraph up into sub-paragraph components. It isn’t often used—stuff like multi-line enumerated items. You insert those with Opt-Cmd-return (and for that matter, in the editor as well; you only need to add Opt- to Tab and Return in find fields because those otherwise have UI actions bound to them).

I dont understand “you only need to add Opt- to Tab and Return in find fields because those otherwise have UI actions bound to them)”.
You mean some action in those fileds I want to correct ?
what are UI actions ? 8)
I think you meant I should add in the text I intend to correct

  • (tabs) at the beginning of paragraphs and
  • (returns) at the end of paragraphs
    so to prevent the situation the text will be totally united without paragraphs at all ?
    thanks a lot :smiley:

any suggestion from more experienced users ? :smiley:

If your cursor is in one of the fields in the Find window and you press TAB, your cursor will move to the next field.
If your cursor is in one of those fields and you hit RETURN, it is the equivalent of clicking on the OK button so it will try to find whatever text is in those fields and close the window.

If you want to insert a TAB character into a field in the Find window, the way to do it is to press OPT-TAB, i.e. hold down the Option key and press TAB at the same time.
If you want to insert a RETURN character into a field in the Find window, the way to do it is to press OPT-RETURN, i.e. hold down the Option key and press RETURN at the same time.

Is that clear enough?


“UI” significa “User Interface”.

A parte Keith Blount, non credo che ci sia utente più esperto di AmberV – nota che dal lontano 2006 ha scritto quasi dieci mila risposte a domande su vari aspetti di Scrivener.

Ciao, Martin.

PS: Rocco is an Italian name, so I have assumed that is your native language. I apologise if I am mistaken.

Yes, sorry, “user interface”. TAB and RETURN are used to manipulate the buttons and windows on your Mac, so that the mouse need not be used for every single thing you do. So to add TAB and RETURN characters as literal strings into a search field, you must somehow “escape” the natural user interface usage of the keyboard key itself, and holding the Option key down is how you do that.

But again, in your case you pasted the symbol for a line break, not a paragraph break, so Opt-Cmd-Return is what you need to search for.

Thanks a lot