deleting question

I am just learning this program and I uploaded a few versions of my ms and ended up with the wrong one in the manuscript area and the right one is now under chapter subtitle folder. I need to DELETE the one that’s under “manuscript” so I can get the right one in it’s place and I see NO function that will let me DELETE it. Please enlighten me! Thank you!

I’m not an expert but I’d go for ‘Move To Trash’. Though you could move it to an unneeded manuscripts folder or something. I have a folder specifically for different versions of my work that might have something useful in them one day. As I understand it this is why Scrivener doesn’t do an outright delete, though you can empty the trash folder if you want.

To delete a file or folder, select it in the Binder and then hit command-delete. Scrivener now uses that key combination because using plain delete makes it too easy to delete such items by accident.

Deleted binder items actually just move to a dedicated trash area within your project. An extra level of safety. You can empty that now and again with the empty trash menu item in Scriv.


Thank you!