deleting research folder

It seems like unless I’m missing something you can’t trash the Draft or Research folders, but I was wondering - why is that? Does the Research folder play some special role?


Yes. Check the tutorial … the Research folder can hold files of various formats including .pdf, .html, graphics, sounds, etc.

The Draft folder is limited to text composition, storing it all as .rtf. Quite different purposes between “Draft” and “Research” actually.

The Draft folder has the important role of being the source used by the compiler. So that is where you want to do your writing, and it wouldn’t make sense to allow its removal since compiling is central to the design of the software.

Strictly speaking, the Research folder isn’t necessary as you can put stuff anywhere you want (normal Draft exclusion aside). There is nothing special about it, save for the fact that a lot of people don’t think of putting their own folders at the top level, or indeed, that you can even store files at the top level at all. So it gives new users a place to go to that is dependable, easy to use and widely documented.

Do note you can change both the icon and the name of the Research folder, so if you don’t have any “research” per se, in the project, you could use it for something else entirely. For example, in my journal project I have Draft renamed to “Journal” and Research renamed to “Archive”, where I move stuff that is more than six months old, as well as storing any media related to my journal writing.


You’re like ice cream, Research Folder, not being on the Food Pyramid can have its benefits.

Thanks all!

Yeah I went through the tutorial but didn’t recall that the draft can’t hold non-rtf files! For some projects I use top-level folders because the ‘draft’ designation is arbitrary for those projects. Since it can’t hold rtf files though I’ll prolly need to stay away from the draft folder for certain projects.