Deleting Spambots

I just had to delete a spam user from my forum, and it automatically deletes all of the posts that user has made.

Imagine if Keith accidentally hit the delete button on vic-k’s account one day (and Fluffy, and whichever others I haven’t kept track of recently)… How insane would that make the rest of our postings look?

Do you think it is part of vic’s plan to one day delete himself so that he can get the rest of us committed to his asylum (I assume he either runs one, or is in one)?

Troublesome thoughts…


Y? wot…wossat [size=150][1]y’sed? :confused:

Psss Wosssa spambot? :confused: ‘s’at a container f’ spam an’ luncheon meat?

  1. /size ↩︎

You know I only ask out of the deepest respect and affection, right???

Caution, young Master matt. His Obtuseness may think you are encouraging him to post on Aeon’s forum. You don’t really want to travel that road…truly. :frowning:

Removing Vic-ky from the boards reminds me of Garfield minus Garfield, which explores

I fear this would be just how we would appear without Mr V’s Jameson-inspired soliloquies.

I have reason to believe that Mr. K’s inspiration is intrinsic, and requires no artificial aids.

On the other hand, if you’re talking “Jameson-fueled,” well, that’s different matter.



I believe, sir pot, that you have called the kettle black!

It was an honor, and so intended.

I’ll have more to say after another drink.


I will raise my tankard to that!

You mean, this isn’t his asylum? Troublesome thoughts indeed!

wosssa matta wi’ y’s all!? :open_mouth: Asylum means a place of safety!! Wot’ y’sall like!? tch!tch!

Precisely my point. :wink:


now vic-k, be nice. Even bird brains deserve respect.

Yeah. That’s not right. have at 'im.

Hmmm…The gas emission is certainly of Stockport origin, but that does not look like a finger belonging to a hairy-arsed retired welder now, does it? Someone given you a hand then, Vic?

Australian sign language for “Hello”. Bless. :smiley:

bless you too, pitiful dog

[size=150]Le D[/size]

I think you’re getting confused with our sign language for welcoming American presidents…
(Jump to about the 2 minute mark)


Well, the differences between “Hello Mr President” and “Hello dear tourist, do spend all your money and make sure we don’t follow your country into the GFC” are hard to pick unless you’re a local. Strine can be challenging for the uninitiated…

The stuff that Vick and his cohorts (fluff, etc) may be deleted but can never be expunged from those that have been exposed. That shit is burned into your brain like a 10 month pregnant, one legged- stripper with facial gonorrhea doing back flips over a giant cheese log during a mimed boxing exhibition during the intermission of a an AA meeting after a New Year’s Bender.

Some things you cannot unlearn, forget, lose, drop, or paint over. It is seared into your mind.

Here is a simple test Read these next three words and tell me the first thing that comes to mind.


Red Lion (pretend its one word)


If two names came to mind your brain has been SEARED!!!