Deletion from binder is implemented horribly!

I highlighted a chunk of text I wanted to delete. I hit the backspace.

The entire chapter was destroyed, and the destruction could not be undone. Evidently I had selected the chapter name without realizing it, and the binder did not ask for any confirmation. Luckily, I keep back-ups upon back-ups and can recover most – but not all! – of my work, but this needs to be changed. Why not require the use of Cmd-Delete, as Finder and iTunes do?

Isn’t your deleted chapter in the Binder’s Trash bin?

arainsb123 - please do take the time either to read the Tutorial, search the Help file, or read the FAQ before accusing Scrivener of anything horrible, as your “problem” is addressed in all of those places quite clearly.

This does not “need to change” - it is explained in all of the usual places (mentioned above) that work is not deleted permanently until you empty the trash. That is what the “Trash” folder is for…

Oh … I see.


No problem. :slight_smile:

Just a thought!

What if the Trash was called something that more accurately captured the present tense - as a safety net, backup, reject, folderol, bilge, blather, pre-trash. Maybe something obvious such as pending, discard or dismiss folder. Something that connotes stuff being held before being chucked out, cast aside, deep-sixed (Trashed) permanently.


That’s just funny - I actually used to keep a folder on my desktop called ‘Pre-Trash,’ where I put stuff I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep or not, or for just a general in-between storage area.

I recently changed the name to ‘Repository,’ however, and on my other computer it’s called ‘File 13.’ Though I still kind of like the ring of ‘Pre-Trash.’ In my high-school days, though, it was called ‘Trash from the Black Lagoon,’ and was where I kept my school-related documents… :slight_smile:

You can always change the name of it to something else, you know. :slight_smile:

Most people name this folder “stuff”.

And when it’s way to full and will never be sorted out - a second folder is generated: “stuff2”. :wink:

Exactly - you can rename it to what you want. But by default, it should be called Trash, the same as it is called on the rest of the system. :slight_smile: