I recently began formatting the font colour of my reference page and it has deleted the entire page. It is not in the trash basket. It will not undo. Can anyone please help. I have lost ALL my references and it will take hours to redo.

Many thanks.

Presumably at some point you selected all the text and either typed another character or hit the delete key - reformatting the colour certainly couldn’t just delete the text on its own. However, each text document has its own undo stack, so one thing to try - provided you haven’t closed Scrivener in the meantime - is to ensure that you click into the text area and then try hitting undo. If the focus was in the binder, undo would be disabled for the text area.

One useful tip for the future - although it doesn’t help right now - is to hit cmd-5 (Take Snapshot) before making major edits to a document, as that will save a copy of the document as it exists at the time of the snapshot so that you can return to it later.

If I’ve misunderstood what actually happened, then please give more details.