Delightful Program

I have been ghosting this website for well over a year, probably closer to two. I have to say, I would have bought scrivener then if I could, but alas I was a PC user. Well, safe to say, over all this time scrivener whittled me down till I finally broke. I had been saving my pennies for a long time, perhaps I knew subconsciously this was going to happen, but I bought a new shiny macbook. Now that I have completed the tutorial, I am going through the process of moving all my old work over. I have to say it’s as a delightful program as I thought it would be, absolutely stunning. I can honestly say your program has made my life a little better, and for that, I thank you.

Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m relieved Scrivener is living up to your expectations after you moved over to a Mac in large part because of it! Hopefully the next (free) update will make Scrivener even better, too (well, not “hopefully” but definitely from my point of view :slight_smile: ).

Thanks again for your kind words and all the best,

A MadWriter, Capn!! He bes already one of us, aarrrh!


vic-k, please consider waiting a little longer to start insulting new crew members. think about it, how would you taken being considered to part of the “portlander” crew? Hmmm…??

See what I mean?

Mr Jaysen,
I think the rodent is pointing out to Captain Blount, that a MadWriter, is more than adequately equipped to feel, and indeed, be, at home aboard The Good Ship Scrivener .

Also , I would further point out, that: the insulting of new crew members, could not take place, if it were left until they were no longer…NEW!

Welcome aboard MadWriter :wink: