delimitating a block of text

I have a block of text in the middle of a document which I would like to always compile AS IS.

Can I get the compile to skip over this part of the document and then continue as usual after it passes it?

My goal is to get certain paragraphs and bullet lists to be displayed and formatted in different fonts and line spacing quickly without having to create an entire new document.

This isn’t possible in the current 1.6.1 release version, but we’re adding support for preserving formatting in the next release. There’s a beta available now for testing, if you want to download that and try it out, but be aware that it is a beta so you might run into bugs. Or using 1.6.1, you could split the document so that the section you want to preserve is its own document, then mark it “as-is”, or you could format the entire document as you want it and leave it as-is. Whether those options will work for you depends on what other compile settings you have, but they may be worth a shot. Otherwise, it’s usually pretty easy to just reformat a small section like that after compiling. You could put it in red text, for instance, and leave “Remove text color” unchecked in compile so that it’s easy to find and replace the formatting on when you bring it to Word.

With the latest official Windows version you may put the desired block within a text document of its own and select the AS IS option for it.

If you’re using the latest Windows beta, it already includes the “Preserve formatting” option, so you may use that too. See this thread for details: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26006&start=0

Hope this helps!

To add on to this, we were both assuming that you wanted to override formatting for the rest of the manuscript when you compile, so were mentioning ways to ignore that override for just a certain small section. You could just disable the override for the entire manuscript, leaving editor formatting in place for everything. You still have the option then to add titles during compile (and format them) and do some other formatting there without altering the editor formatting.