Delimiting footnotes

I want to compile chapters into a book. Can anyone tell me please how to set the footnotes back to 1 in each chapter.
Many thanks

There’s no option for this in Scrivener at the moment, so probably the easiest will be to compile to RTF or DOC and then open in Word or a similar full-featured word processor and adjust the footnote styling there. If you give the chapter titles unique formatting, you should be able to create section breaks at these points relatively easily (or you could just jump to each by searching for "Chapter " or such, if they all have that prefix), then set the notes to begin at 1 for each section.

Many thanks. Would I do better to compile the final text in RTF or Doc, or does it not make any difference?

It doesn’t really make a difference, so I always do RTF; Scrivener’s .doc files are really RTF in a .doc wrapper just for the ease of having them default to opening in Word and so on, but you can open an RTF in Word or OpenOffice or so on via the Open menu or right-clicking the file and choosing the program from the Open With menu there. (You won’t want to open the RTF in WordPad, which may be your default, since that won’t handle the footnotes.) After you edit the file, you can save to whatever format you want from the other program.