Delineato Pro

I have to say that this [] looks pretty stylish.

It must be good: it includes a cat.

“Coming April 2013”? I can’t wait 'til then. Literally.

Other than that, looks like a nice mind mapping alternative.
I’ll need to watch the tutorial, but it seems it still suffers from the problem of most (albeit not all) such apps in that there has to be a central node. Life is, to our enduring frustration and infinite wonder, rarely that simple.

Also - unless I’ve missed it - there is no way to create new notes (nodes) with the keyboard - it’s all mouse-driven which to me to make quite a difference. There is a review which tries to turn this into a desirable feature, along the lines of `it slows you down and helps you think’ - but most of my thoughts are quite slow enough already, which is why the rapid response of Scapple is so helpful.

The fact that you don’t need a central idea or node is one of the things I like about it. Ultimately it it’s very pretty but I’ll stick to Scapple.

Update: There are definitely keyboard controls for creating/editing nodes.