Demo'ing V.2

Hi, I have mission critical projects going in v.1.54. I’d like to experiment with the v2.0 demo, but I’m worried about smoothly downgrading back to v1.54 if I choose not to register. Anything I need to do or be worried about? Or should I wait to try v.2.0 at some point when things are less critical (ha, as if!).

Nothing too critical to worry about. The two can co-exist on the same drive just fine (just make sure to rename 2.0 to something different before dragging it to Applications folder). The main thing to watch for is file format. The project format has changed completely and 1.54 cannot work with 2.0 files. So if you do any important work in Scrivener 2.0, make sure to familiarise yourself with the Export functions so you can get your data out as raw files and back into 1.54 (assuming you decided to stick with 1.54 of course).

I would make the change.

My projects have all transferred smoothly across to 2.0 successfully, and I would guess that has been the case for the vast majority of users. For me, 2.0 has proved very stable and smooth, and needless to say, pretty damn fantastic!

I believe you can run the two versions side by side, although as I understand it you’d have to re-name 1.54 before installing 2.0, and you could have issues with with the Services menu. If you do this, you can of course upgrade your projects from 1.54 to 2.0; what you can’t do is downgrade them again.

However… remember that when a project is upgraded, a copy of the 1.54 version is also created. So I guess that in extremis you could always revert to 1.54 again (re-downloaded if necessary).

Edit: Oops! Doubling up – listen to Ioa, not me.

Amber said "The main thing to watch for is file format. The project format has changed completely and 1.54 cannot work with 2.0 files. "

I believe the old format was some kind of zipped gathering of mainly XML files (rather like the ODF format?), which provided some kind of obsolescence protection: that is, one could unzip them and retrieve a text-only version of the material if all else failed; i.e. future generations, lacking Scrivener, could at least decipher and read the things.

Does the new 2.0 format offer the same kind of future-proofing? (Important for archival purposes).



Yes, actually the 2.0 format is even better than the older format, which had some Mac specific binary files for keeping track of your project. Everything is now open and human-readable XML, along with standard RTF files instead of Apple’s RTFD files (which don’t really work too well in Windows).