DER SPIEGEL praises Scrivener

DER SPIEGEL, one of the most important German news magazines, has an article on software for creative writers. The first software that is mentioned (and which gets by far most of the space) is Scrivener. The others are WriteRoom and Ulysses, along with PageFour and WriteWay in the Windows-world.

See,1518,529315,00.html. (Might become unavailable after several days.)

SPIEGEL online nowadays seems to be more important than the print version. A lot of people think about it as the most influential news portal in German speaking countries.

It’s not the NYT but I wouldn’t be surprised if this review will cause the server to be caught pants down again.

Let’s pray that the download section works, so the well deserved attention Scrivener is getting now will lead to equally good sales.

Thanks for pointing this out - much appreciated (and great to hear that Scrivener appeared in an important German newspaper, online or otherwise!).

The downloads will work fine as they are now passed off to Amazon’s S3 servers to reduce strain on the site…

Thanks again and all the best,