deselecting files to compile

I’m starting the next book in my series. I’ve put all the files from the first book in a Book 1 folder, and created a folder for the new files I create for this book. But I realize all the files from the first book are still marked “include in compile.” Is there a way to choose multiple files at once to remove the “include in compiling”? To collectively uncheck that option for every file? I’d rather not go through each file unchecking them!


When you have compile up, you should be able to choose the book 2 sub-folder as the top-level folder, which will make it ignore the other contents of the manuscript/draft folder.

Otherwise, you could just drag your book one outside of the manuscript/draft folder.

Ah! Both good ideas. The second sounds like what I want to do right now, because my Project targets are reflecting the target and word count of the whole project, which includes Book 1. So if I move it out of the Manuscript folder, I presume it won’t count that.