Design for Holidays structure

As a new user, I am trying to design a project(s) for all my holidays over the years. Should I do each one in a separate project or all in one large one? Is there a limit to size? Or create each holiday and add it to one master project? If the latter how would I add it?

Short answer : you almost certainly want to create a single Project for your project. You can organize it and write it all within that Project.

Longer answer :
Projects can handle a lot without getting belabored. Scrivener only loads into memory the parts of a project you are interacting with, rather than the whole thing. This enables it to stay agile.

It is one of Scrivener’s great strengths that you can hold and easily manage in a single project a great deal of material. And by splitting your project up into its natural parts (as folders and text docs in the Binder of the project), you can easily navigate to any part of even the biggest projects. At the same time, using the Scrivenings View Mode, Scrivener enables you to see and review any portion of your project as one continuous text whenever you want to view it that way.

There is also a lot to be said for keeping a related series of things together. I don’t think we know enough about your project to say too much more. But if it is something like a memoir of all your holiday times, this will easily fit in a single project — even if you are very longwinded!

As for how to structure the project, it would certainly seem to make sense to have at least the following structure within the Draft/Manuscript folder in your Project a folder for each holiday and within each of those folders however many text documents you need to tell the story of that holiday. It seems like you could think of the project like a novel — with each holiday a chapter and separate documents in each chapter folder for each part or scene in the holiday episode you mean to relate. (Some writers might just put all the chapter text into one document, and certainly if it is short enough that may do.)

If you haven’t worked through the Scrivener tutorial (available from the Help menu), this will certainly help you get more of a picture of things.


That’s really really helpful, thank you, and is in line with my thinking - I just wanted to be sure. I will continue with the tutorial but that’s complicated too!