Designated paragraph mirrored in outline/synopsis

Currently, Scrivener populates an empty synopsis with the opening paragraph.

The following would be super useful both for outlining, and handling particular genres like LitRPG:

  • Ability to select the source paragraph.
  • Ability to edit the source paragraph from the synopsis.
  • Ability to have a dedicated fields mirroring one or more paragraphs.

What you’re referring to is more of a simple preview of the underlying text, if the item lacks a synopsis, rather than actually being a synopsis that is “mirrored”. That’s why there is no way to edit it, because you’d then effectively be editing the underlying text content through the index card editing field, which would potentially destroy formatting and make a mess of things otherwise. Think of it like a search result that shows you a bit of the context around the search hit, it wouldn’t make sense to be able to edit that either. Just hit the Spacebar on the card and write—simple as that.

Now if you actually want a synopsis out of that text, then use the Documents â–¸ Auto-Fill â–¸ Set Synopsis from Main Text menu command with the card selected. If you want more or less than what you get from that, then you can hit Spacebar, select precisely which text you want, and use that same command.

Just know that once you do that it is an actual synopsis, something separate from the text.

Yes but it would be really useful to tie specific chunks of text to specific fields!

That could be useful elsewhere, but I don’t see why it’s needed for the synopsis.

But there’s already a way to do it. Split the text before and after a chunk of text, making it a document of its own. Let’s say the name of it is first hour and the content is:

The first hour with a new client was rarely anything but locating the doors. Not so with Grey..

In the synopsis of a document, or anywhere in the Editor where you want to refer to that text, place this code: <$include:first hour>.

When you compile, the code will be replaced with the content above.