Desktop icon missing

It was there, but when I clicked on it, it would only bring up the new project and tutorial screen instead of the current project as it had done. I took to going into it via my manually saved version. Then sometime recently the desktop icon disappeared. I tried creating a shortcut from the current project but it only took me to the latest version on that date and not versions from thereafter.

How can I get a fully functional desktop icon back again?

The desktop icon created by default during the installation is a shortcut to open the program, not to a specific project. However, by default Scrivener will automatically re-open any projects that were open when you quit the program, so for instance if you close the program by closing the last project, that project would have automatically opened when you launched Scrivener via the desktop shortcut. If you deselected the setting in Tools > Options to reopen projects that were open on quit, then launching Scrivener will take you to the New Projects window. There you can create new projects or open existing ones.

If you’ve deleted the desktop shortcut to the program, the steps for creating a new one will vary a little depending on the version of Windows you’re using. It will be something like navigating to the Scrivener.exe file in Windows Explorer, right-clicking it and choosing “Create Shortcut” and accepting to have it placed on the Desktop, or dragging it to the desktop after it is created.

Hi MM,
Thanks. It worked :slight_smile: