Desktop image of Scrivener website?

Dear KB,

This might seem like a strange request: I wonder if there is a chance of you producing the image on the front of the Lit & Lat website (with the stack of papers, corkboard, typewriter and waste-paper basket) as a desktop background? I’ve fallen in love with that image, and I think that it has captured the essence of what the writing process means for me, and of Scrivener, and would dearly love to see it in all its glory every time I boot up. I could be a minority of one, and I’m certainly a bit odd, but I would be eternally grateful if you would consider it :slight_smile:

Yours in earnest,

Here is how to do it. Open up your Pictures folder, and then drag the image from your web browser into this folder. Now go to system preferences, Desktop & Screensaver. Drag ‘clutter.jpg’ (the image you just dragged from the browser) into the image well. You can either set it to stretch to the size of your screen, which may make it a little blurry, or to centre it and choose white as the background colour.

Just for you, here is the full-sized version: … hScriv.png

(I’ve added “Scrivener” at the bottom in white just because I wouldn’t want the image being grabbed by anyone else for non-personal uses outside of using Scrivener; if it’s just for a desktop and you don’t want that there, you can always edit it out with Photoshop or something else easily enough.)

All the best,

I must say the quality of the artwork on this site is terrific. Even the image of the diary with pen alone is remarkable. Any clues on how they’re done ?



Amber: Thank you for your lightning-quick response, (for once I had this one pegged) but I had my fingers crossed and eyes shut, just wishing as hard as I could, wishing, wishing for a higher resolution version…

…and lo! With choral music filling my ears, a single shaft of golden sunlight pierced the boiling black clouds and struck upon my dream made real!

KB: It’s perfect. And I don’t want to remove the “Scrivener”, as I think it sums it all up beautifully, in every sense of the word. Keith, you rock. You are a gleaming gem in my dark chasm of despair, Thank you. :smiley:

Sarah <-- can’t stop smiling

Good god Sarah. If you keep this fawning up, folks are going to have to actually buy the man beer.

As I was typing that smart-aleckish remark, I started to wonder if, in all the undergarments tossed on stage, a thought as the above ever crossed the mind of musical groupies? Being somewhat familiar with that sub-species I find it hard to image that their grey matter possesses the requisite cognitive powers to do more than simply remove clothing.

Then again not much more is required of them…

Hmmm… Jaysen, I’m not sure if you’re comparing me to a groupie in a straightforward, unfavourable way, or if you’re delivering a subtle back-handed compliment by crediting me with more brains than a knicker-lobber :wink:

I admit my post may have appeared a little, umm, gushing? OTT? Did I over-egg the pudding? When I read KB’s reply and downloaded the image I even stood up, punch the air, and shout-whispered “Yes!” in a very un-English way. In fact in all respects, I apologise for my emotional outburst, I am ashamed of myself. :blush:

On a more serious note - I occasionally come across an image that completely captivates me, and ‘Clutter’ is one of them. I don’t know why this is, and the images I fall in love with don’t seem (to me) to share anything in common that is immediately obvious. Am I weird or has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Is there perhaps a reason for it?


Knicker-lobber was just added to my lexicon. I must now use it frequently.

Any comparison to you personally depends on how often your knickers are lobbed. If we consider that all we know of each other are these glyphs combined into logical arrangements, one could suggest that your near orgasmic arrangement of glyphs such as


one could consider you a semi-frequent lobber of glyph-nickers. A lobber with superb style, but a lobber nonetheless.

Aren’t you all glad vic-k isn’t here to really drag this into the gutter?

For me is it music, not images. Some just … moves me emotionally. Bluegrass, punk, classical, metal, rap, gospel, pop, jazz with little to no connection. Sometimes it is just a phrase, maybe 3 bars. Sometimes an album. We have a cat that will do anything to lay on blankets that are hand knit. No color or pattern commonality, just made by hand. Maybe this is an experience of being loved. The ability to love. Not in return, but intrinsically, without thought. I know that darn cat is loved. I think I am. I assume you are.

Darn you Sarah, see what you did? Made me get all philosophical.

Ah, Jaysen I have apparently misled you - to the best of my knowledge, my knickers have never been lobbed. At least not by me.

Crikey, that makes it all sound so… so Freudian! :open_mouth:

Now that is a great compliment, I think, so thank you.

I gather Vic-k can sniff out a potentially sordid thread from at least a light-year away. Perhaps we should be concerned as to his whereabouts?

Music intrigues me because I think it’s fascination is probably evolutionary in some way, though for me I often find that what hooks me is a very mood-dependent thing: what blisses me out one day can irritate me the next.

I think I am loved. OK, I know I am. But I do have to knit my own stuff :slight_smile:

Not a bad thing, surely? To meditate on the fact that you are loved probably prompted you to remind those that love you, that you love them too - and I know that can’t be a bad thing. :smiley:


The posts that went waaay off-topic and began discussing evolution and creationism have been moved to the “And Now For That Coffee” part of the forum, where you are welcome to be as off-topic as you like so long as you play nicely and don’t deride anyone for his or her belief - and where I will be avoiding answering the burning theological question, “If there is a God, why did he (it?) ruin Battlestar Galactica?” Etc.

umm… sorry. I am duly chastised. I have a theory for you though.


Ah! It’s a she, of course. :wink:

Oh, wait… the BSG one was indeed a he, since there was NO perfection.

Hmm, took delight in tormenting Baltar, set things in motion and then sat back to watch everyone fight among themselves, sent Kara to the wrong Earth… Nah, I think you were right the first time. :slight_smile: