What is desktop.scrivx and has it blanked my desktop?

I was having some trouble with Sugarsync, a cloud syncing software, and ended up downloading some of my saved scrivener files to my desktop. One of these was the file desktop.scrivx, which I don’t think corresponded to a real file I had made. I could not open, move, or delete it, and it seemed stuck on the desktop. I then restarted my computer only to find that my entire desktop had disappeared–all the files and folders I had on my desktop were gone! I do not know where they went or how to find them. Any help?

A bit of fiddling and problem solved:

This desktop.scrivx file was still in my “Macintosh HD” when viewed in the finder. It could not be opened but right clicking and “show package contents” on the file revealed all my folders and files of my desktop!

Not sure how this happened…