Desktop shortcut and uninstall issues (minor)

Just installed 2.2 (very nice, thank you!) in Vista (fresh install - I uninstalled the previous version). Couple of very minor points;

  1. Scrivener 2.2 failed to install a desktop shortcut during installation all three times I tried this. I expected a shortcut!
  2. Uninstalling Scriviner 2.2 does not remove desktop shortcuts (tried this twice) as I expected it to.
  3. Uninstalling Scriviner 2.2 does not remove all files in the ‘C:\Program Files\Scrivener’ folder - it leaves behind liveupdates and rollbackBackupDirectory (tried this twice). I don’t expect to have to manually delete folders/files after an uninstal, but I realise this might be intentional with respect to the beta.