Desktop Shortcut

I’m a freelance writer providing both very short content for clients as well as much longer ‘feature’ articles.

I record work on an external spreadsheet and this works good for the short articles. The longer ‘feature’ pieces, I first create a short cut and then send it to desktop.
. This allows me to easily access longer files which have rolled off the ‘recent projects’ list inside Scrivener. At least it used to.

Last week I had a glitch in Scrivener and L&L tech support said to uninstall, redownload and re-install. I did. Now, when I try my shortcut-to-desktop trick, I get this when I try to open the file.

How can this be fixed so it works as it did before?

Thanks and I look forward to your quick response.
scrivener elevation 2.JPG


You’ve posted this in the Mac forum - can you (or Mods) re-post/move it to the Windows forum?

Also, your first image isn’t displaying, though the other two are ok.